Thursday, November 20, 2008

Floral Crafts-The Art of Flower Making!!!!!

Hi Illallatharasi 

I hope you like these flowers. These flowers are made out of stockings, satin ribbons, organdy cloth and crepe paper. Each flower has various steps involved and some flowers like the rose buds takes about a week to make a bunch. 

To make these flowers you will need 

  1. Stockings material [aka panty hose] -available in all crafts supply stores.
  2. Wire golden/silver 
  3. Thread  #10 this thread is very strong and apt for flower making
  4. Scissors
  5. Cutting plyer or Wire cutter
  6. Green Tape
  7. Thin wire for the stems.
  8. Pollens/Stamens

  • First take the thin golden or silver wire and make shapes using any circular piece. You can encircle any round forms to make loops of same size.

  • Once the circular loops are ready take the stockings and cover over the loops and pull firmly to form petals. 
  • Tie the stocking material firmly with the thread.
  • The petals are ready
  • Now arrange the petals in an order.
  • Always make sure the petals are in odd numbers.
  • You can shape the petals as you wish.
  • I have made roses and lilies here .

These flowers below are made out of.........
Paper Ribbons

Organdy Rose Bouquet

Polyester Satin Ribbons

 Duplex Crepe Paper Roses